Sunday, July 22, 2012

Elgg demo | Elgg 1.8.X demo: Elgg requirements

Elgg demo | Elgg 1.8.X demo: Elgg requirements: "Due to Elgg's advanced functionality, there are some extra configuration requirements:

The Apache web server needs to be installed with the following modules:

MySQL 5+ is needed for data storage
PHP 5.2+ needs to be installed as an Apache module (not in CGI mode or safe mode) with the following libraries:
GD and Freetype (for graphics processing, eg user icon rescaling and Captcha)
JSON (for API functionality)
XML (not installed/compiled by default on all systems)
Multibyte String support (for internationalisation)
It is recommended that you increase the memory available to PHP threads beyond the standard 8 or 12M, and increase the maximum uploaded filesize (which defaults to 2M). By default, these settings have been set for you in the .htaccess file in the base Elgg directory."

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